The situation at Eskom is dire. We believe it is in a death spiral that will drag the South African economy down with it.

We cannot let this happen.

Together with the undersigned South Africans, I urge your government to get out of the electricity generation business so that we can keep the lights on!

South Africa must urgently change the law to allow companies and individuals to generate their own electricity and offer tax incentives to help them buy the equipment they need to do so.

Our Aim:

  • Privatize electricity generation. This includes allowing citizens to generate their own power to keep the lights on.
  • Change the law so businesses and individuals can sell the extra electricity they generate onto the grid for others to use.
  • Offer a R75 000 tax rebate to cover the cost of installing solar systems in homes, to take the pressure off the grid.
  • Zero-rate VAT on LED lightbulbs and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Allow municipalities to purchase power from Independent Power Producers (IPPs), rather than having to rely on Eskom.
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    DA Raadslid: Roelof Lourens
    Cell: +27 72 209 0176

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