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Full burial services &  Cremation services
Quality caskets & coffins -  Wreaths & flowers
Repatriation -  Insurance policies
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Martinís funerals is a proud member of the following organizations:

FASA- franchise association of South - Africa
Prosperity funeral administrators
UASA members and their families
Martinís is also member of the  N.F.D.A

Martinís Funerals is a National Service Provider for all ASSUPOL Members and their familiesÖÖ


-Removal of deceased could be done 24hours a day with dignity and outmost respect.
-Removal, transportation to and from an airport, railway or port done in a case of relocating  a deceased loved one.
-Mortuary services including preservation, preparation and embalming, reconstructive as well as cosmetic  restorative art performed on request.
-Arrangements done in the comfort of your own home,
-Registration of death at Department of Home Affairs and relevant cremation documentation done by our skilled personnel.
-Variety of wooden coffins and caskets as well as steel caskets to choose from.
-50 or more personalized memorial pamphlets.
-Coffin or casket wreath as well as church or venue wreath of your choice with rose buds and flower  pedals for last respects at grave.
-Grave and family tents with carpets.
-Chairs, refreshments and lowering device to help making the interment ceremony an everlasting reassuring memory.
-A dignified memorial grave mark with decorations is supplied .
-A complementary photo album in memoriam of deceasedís funeral or memorial service on request.
-Burial or memorial services conducted professionally at a date, time and venue of your choice by our well-trained personnel to meet your expectations.

Our Personnel Are Dedicated to Treat You and  Your Deceased Loved One, With the Outmost Dignity and Respect As Well As After Care.

No Service Too Big or Small 
   for Martinís to Undertake Professionally NATIONWIDE!

Martinís Funerals is a national service provider for:

NEHAWU extended independent members
PSA the Union of Choice
ď We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Then Is Not an Act, but a Habit.Ē



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