Jacaman Maintenance – Trusted Property Maintenance Company in Polokwane

JJacaman Maintenance – Trusted Property Maintenance Company in Polokwane that operates with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. Our aim is to truly offer our clients a 1-stop solution with regards to almost anything in the maintenance industry.Our vision is to provide our client with a comprehensive service and to provide informative, appropriate and cost-efficient solutions to the benefit of our client.Property Maintenance Company in Polokwane


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16 Impala Avenue
Fauna Park

Products and Services:

  • Routine maintenance checks (Lights, irrigation, electrical fence, etc.)
  • General maintenance on houses.
  • Management of maintenance teams and training.
  • Sewer layouts and installations.
  • HVAC installation and maintenance of evaporative coolers, chillers, freezers and airconditioners.
  • Maintenance on sewer plants.
  • Management and installation of waterplants.
  • Management of infrastructures.
  • Borehole installations and management.
  • Tiling.
  • Painting of complex.
  • Qualified Plumbing.
  • Geyser installations.
  • Plumbing.
  • Gutter maintenance, cleaning and repair and installation.
  • Sealing of roofs with newest technology.
  • Qualified Electrical installations and maintenance.
  • Electric Fence services.
  • Installation and service of gate motors.
  • Weed treatment for paving.
  • Pesticide, herbicide, insecticide spraying
  • Monthly checklist inspection on complex.
  • Monthly reporting structure to relevant parties of the Body Corporate.
  • Minor & major construction work.
  • Irregation for gardens and complexes.
  • Monthly Pool maintenance.
  • Garden Services.