Established in 1986, Quick Pools have become a well-known and respected name in the industry. In fact, we are the only Vinyl Pool manufacturer registered with NSPI.

We are Africa's leading manufacturers of Vinyl-Lined Steel Wall Swimming Pool and Water Tank Kits and our products are exported to over 21 countries.

We are making magic Swimming Pools in DIY Kit form. Easy to ship, and simple to install, our pools can be found in some really remote parts of Africa. Our major range of pools carry the brand name 'Swim-Tech'.

Our Vinyl-Lined Steel-Wall Water Storage Tank Systems are designed to suit every need. 'Vyna Reservoirs' are cost-effective and will fill all your water storage needs.

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Ichingo Pool is at a fishing lodge on an island in the Chobe River, Namibia. The entire Pool Kit was transported across the river in speedboats, then assembled.
A Residential Pool with a Fibreglass Walk in Step
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