Ben Lavin Nature Reserve, Limpopo

Manvhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve, LimpopoBen Lavin Nature reserve, now renamed the Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve, is situated below the foothills of the Soutpansberg. Situated 12 km from the town of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) 2500ha in size, M Ben Lavin was originally a farm belonging to a Mr. Ben Lavin who’s wife, donated it to the Wildlife Society after his death in 1970. The reserve has subsequently been handed over to the Manavhela community in a successful land reform program.

The reserve comprises mainly of sour mixed bush veld, with riverine woodland along the dry watercourses and arid thorn veld. Since it is in proximity to the lush Afro-montane forests of the Soutpansberg, 230 bird species occur here. Some, of special interest such as the harrier hawk, gorgeous bush shrike, the bronze winged courser, the marico fly catcher. 50 Mammal species also occur here, including plains game species such a giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, but no dangerous animals. So, with a network 45km of roads and 18km of hiking trails, Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature reserve is ideal for hikers, bird enthusiasts, and mountain cyclists to explore. This reserve is also of archeological significance with ruins dating back to 1250AD. Manavhela Ben Lavin is ideally situated if you have an interest in nature and culture; the Greater Elim Area with its Ribolla Route is a fascinating journey to carvers, potters, artists and traditional healers, only 30km away. A further 40km from there is the start of the ‘Legendary Venda’.

A shop offers a variety of consumer goods and curios as well as mountain bikes for hire. The reserve also boasts an open-air restaurant offering delightful bush veld cuisine for large and small groups, by arrangement.

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