Lapalala Game Reserve, Limpopo

In the heart of the Waterberg biosphere centered in the ‘Melkrivier’ area, lies Lapalala Game Reserve. Named of the Phalala River which flows for 77 kilometers through the heart of this reserve. Lapalala is true African wilderness with deep valleys, undulating hills, deep still pools and a huge variety of trees and plants. At 88 000 acres, Lapalala is one of the largest private game reserves in South Africa. Brainchild of renowned conservationist Clive Walker with the assistance of Dale Parker, Lapalala became the site for the breeding of rare, endangered species such as the roan antelope and black rhino. An environmental school and museum was established where visitors and young scholars alike can come and learn about conservation and the bush. Thousands of children have already passed though this school since it’s opening about 15 years ago.

Lapalala Game Reserve, Limpopo

Just over three hours drive from Johannesburg, Lapalala is a wild and beautiful destination to visit, both malaria and bilharzia free, where the only light at night to be seen, is starlight.

Conducive to this pristine wilderness are a huge variety of other game, notably sable, roan, tsessebe, impala, eland and kudu, giraffes, herds of zebra and wildebeest, buffalo, and plenty of warthogs. Leopards have also been spotted on occasion, given the availability of prey and lairs. Hippo and crocodiles abound in some parts of the rivers.

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