Samaritan Children’s Home – Orphanage & Children’s Home in Polkwane

The Samaritan Children’s Home was established in and registered as a provincial non-profit organization in the year 2002. We provide accommodation and give parental care to orphaned children.
These children are usually brought by Social Workers from Dept. of Social Development through court order. Currently, we have forty-four (44) school going children attending pre-school, primary, high school and special school.

The organization devotes itself to the care and support of infected and mostly affected orphans from destitute situations in order to improve the quality of their lives and help them become responsible and productive citizens of this country.


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Opening time:

Physical Address
113 Grobler Service Rd
Fauna Park

Products and Services:

  • Provide accommodation for orphaned children from destitute situations.
  • To ensure good parental care for children to safeguard normal development.
  • Improve the quality of life for infected children.
  • To ensure the survival of children with chronic conditions.
  • To facilitate the process of special protection especially for the female child.
  • To facilitate the participation of PWA’s in achieving these objectives.