Platinum Payroll Solutions – Trusted Payroll Solution Firm in Polokwane

Platinum Payroll Solutions – Trusted Payroll Solution Firm in Polokwane. Platinum Consulting is a South African based Payroll Solution firm. Platinum Payroll Solutions are experts in complying to statutory requirements from governing bodies such as security industry, cleaning industry, hospitality industry, fuel industry just to name a few.


Contact info

  • Tel: +27 71 235 5655
  • Fax: +27 15 298 8386
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Physical Address

220D Du Plessis
Eduan Park

Products and Services:

  • Capturing of all your payroll related changes and input for example overtime, loans, provident funds etc.
  • Generating professional payslips on pre-printed stationery
  • Processing all loans, garnishee orders and third party payments on the payroll and maintenance of their relevant balances
  • Providing reports in either printed or electronic format. These include a company reconciliation report, a variance report detailing differences to the previous month’s payroll, listing all earnings, deductions and company contributions made during the pay run
  • Provision of a summary report which will detail all payments that you are required to make to all third parties, including SARS, UIF, SDL (Skills Development Levy), Medical Aid, Pension / Provident Fund, Garnishee Orders and Unions etc. Detailed reports will, of course also be provided
  • Processing of leave taken and maintenance of all leave balances
  • Handling of payroll queries through one central person in your business
  • Annually provide IRP5 / IT3(a) for each employee
  • Provide a reconciliation of all employees tax paid and the electronic submission of your EMP501 and IRP5/IT3(a) records to SARS.
  • Electronic transfer of salaries to your employees’ bank accounts
  • Electronic submission of EMP201 Returns to SARS on a monthly basis
  • Electronic submission of the UIF records on a monthly basis to the Department of Labour